Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Magical Night by Christabel

In the Night
In the night before bedtime 
The candles flicker with glorious light 
The crickets chirp with all their might 
The stars that twinkle are a lovely sight 
O, what a magical night!

Christabel 8yo, whom for the love of music, is being homeschooled. Loves reading, writing, skating n knitting too.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The Journey of the Seed by Amelia Henderson

The Journey of the Seed

One day a farmer was planting seeds in his garden and he
dropped this particular seed that I am going to be writing about.

Let’s call him Willy.  One day when Willy got carefully dropped into his newly furnished hole, all the strangeness happened………….

On the fifth day of his “ensoilment” he started to grow until, POP!
He popped out of his hole.  Finally he could breathe again, “aah,”
 he thought to himself, “how nice to breathe again.” but his journey wasn’t over yet!

On the tenth day he started to grow even more!
He started to grow leaves! He wondered what they were.
Whenever they swayed in the wind he would yell “ARRGH!!! They are alive!!!!!!” and the other leaves would giggle at him.

Now, on the fifteenth day what happened was ever so strange, even I could not believe it! Willy started to grow flowers! He always thought that flowers were girly and were meant to be for girls only! He tried to gnaw on it every day but he would always end up with a scar of some sort.

In the end Willy came to like the flower and he ended being a prop for plant movies!

So my friends the time has come to close the book and put it away somewhere safe because you never know maybe a bean might just pop out of it!   

 Amelia just turned 9 years old! She's an avid reader and her favourite books are those with hilarious elements in them. 


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Adventure of the Ladybird by JunYi

Jun Yi is 7 years old this year. Likes to play. Starting to read on his own and enjoys outdoor activities with friends. Likes football and cycling.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

3 pieces of work by Zhang Hui



Zhang Hui's words about herself: . "Zhang Hui is a 6 years old girl who loves to draw, dance and sing and likes fashion"

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jane by Danika Alma Lim

Danika is a 9 year old who loves drawing people and writing the conversations they have.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Short Story by Annabelle Joyce Wong

Leo the lion woke up from his nap. He saw a juicy Zebra and he decided to make a trap. So before he started, he went inside the house and came out with a rope and got tangled by his own rope and couldn't get out. He tried and tried but he just couldn't get out. 

Then Zoe the Zebra looked at Leo and asked, "Are you playing with the rope?"

"No," said Leo. "I was errrrr making a trap."

"Wow! Why do you want to trap?" Said Zoe. 

 "Errrr.... you." Said Leo.

"So what?" Said Zoe.

" Emmm, nothing." Said Leo.

" Then do I need to do anything?" Asked Zoe.

" Errrr, yes!" Said Leo.

" Ok." Said Zoe. "I am going to get my friend Mickey the mouse to see whether he can help, ok?"

" Ok," said Leo.

 When Zoe was gone, Leo waited and waited but Zoe didn't come back. Leo went to sleep and Zoe came back, Mickey nibbled the rope. The next morning Leo found out that he was free. 

"SURPRISE!" said Zoe and Mickey. So Leo, Zoe and Mickey lived happily ever after.

Annabelle  is 6 years old,  She loves reading, baking and cooking.
Anabelle's illustration of story.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Extra Chores for Jenny - RuYi

(Written and Illustrated by RuYi when she was 8 years old.)

She is 9 this year. Loves to play! Also loves to read, doodle, write and cook up stories! Likes fiction, mystery, and adventure stories. She plans a lot of activities with neighbourhood friends - singing competitions, football match, selling stuff, concerts, dress up etc.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

What To Do In Weird Times by Hannah L

by Hannah L. (8 years old.)

"If by any chance you meet
 a chimpanzee, going out on
 a shopping spree, you can be
 polite, and say : "Good morning
 sir, how are you ?" Or- you
can be bad and simple say, "SHOO!"

OR if you meet a porcupine,
 its best if you are polite;
 'cause if you're bad and not
polite - he'll give you a quill -
 out of goodwill ------------------
the kindness of his heart! "

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Little Bird by Leonard Tumble

by Leonard Tumble (pen name), 11yo.

While I sit down and debate with a friend,
I quietly notice a bird around the bend,
It circles; flaps, and then it would hide,
Reappearing on the other side.
He’ll do it again, and then land on a tree
How could one ever look so free?
No matter the cause, I am extremely curious of it,
This I notice while I sit.

This mysterious bird is tiny and quaint,
The sun shadowed his details till it’s faint,
Is it sparrow, swallow, sunbird, or robin?
Somehow I know that it observes something,
Then I realised that it is watching us,
But why watch us so late in the dusk?
No matter the cause, I am extremely curious of it,
This I notice while I sit.

Then I realised that one is always by my side,
As if its only mission is to with me, bide.
From the sandy beaches to roads up and over,
Wherever I go, it always seems to hover,
As if it was a God-sent guardian,
Or just a bird flying like dandelion?
No matter the cause, I will always be curious of it,

This I notice as I sit.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

How the Stick Insect was Made by Jodie T

Recently, Jodie read  Just So stories by Rudyard Kipling. Based on these stories, she wrote her own. She also wanted some of the fonts colourful. Jodie will turn 8 soon, and is still crazy about mermaids.
A long time ago, there was a beetle that was round, green and furry. He was about the size of an acorn, and he had six thorny legs and sharp fangs. He was a predator who loved meat. 

One day he saw an elephant and thought to himself, “Mmmm, what a juicy looking animal to eat.” 
So he crept towards the elephant planning to sink his fangs into the elephant’s knee, and eat him whole. 

When he was about to bite the elephant, then THUMP!,” the elephant stepped on him and he became flat like a squashed furry capati! The beetle became so angry, he began planning a revenge! 

That night, when the elephant was sleeping, the flat, furry beetle crept onto the elephant. He wanted to pull and bite the elephant’s long, juicy, fat ears.

While he was climbing, his thorny legs pricked the elephant’s back. The elephant woke and felt itchy and began scratching his back with his trunk. As he rolled his trunk on the itch, he was actually rolling the beetle!

“My revenge is ruined! Stop rolling me about! It’s ticklish!” screamed the beetle.

When the elephant stopped scratching with his trunk, the beetle got up and saw that now he looked thin like a stick, almost like a stick bug. So angrily he planned another revenge. 

The next day, the beetle crawled into the elephant’s trunk. He wanted to go inside the elephant’s body to control the elephant. As he crawled into the trunk he got stuck in stinky, slimy, yellow mucus! He pulled and pulled and suddenly the elephant sneezed! 

The insect shot out free, but he left his fur behind! Then he said to himself, “I am now so thin, I don’t think I can eat meat anymore. I should try leaves from now on.” And that was how the stick insect was made.

 The End.